The history

History of the department

   Faculty of Arts Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University is a faculty established under the Rajabhat University Act 2004 which has developed from the past to the present for over 30 years, starting from 1973 until the present, divided into 2 periods as follows

Section 1, 1973 - 1999 Since being the art department Music and dance art under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Suan Sunandha Teachers College / Rajabhat Institute (The name of the institution at that time)

Phase 2 1999-present Since the beginning of the establishment of the Faculty of Fine Arts Until becoming a Faculty of Fine Arts Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University According to current regulations

Section 1, 1973 - 1999 Beginning with the development of the department as follows

In the past, the Department of Dramatic Arts combined into the same department as the Music Department. The Department of Music and Dramatic Arts, until the year 1973, the Department of Dramatic Arts was approved by the Department of Teacher Training to open the Higher Education Certificate Program (Higher Education). Became the first of 36 teachers colleges at that time. In 1976, developed the Bachelor of Education Program by opening the first dance undergraduate dance program in Thailand and in the year 1981 developed Bachelor of Arts Program Another major in dance and drama

The Department of Music in the past joined the same department as the Department of Dramatic Arts using the name Department of Music and Dramatic Arts Opened the Sangkani Niyom course as a basic course for students in the Diploma of Early Education Program (B.Ed.) until the year 1977 has been separated to set up a department to manage directly The needs of the program later in the year 2527 has developed the curriculum at the Diploma of Higher Education (Higher Education) and Bachelor of Education (continuous 2 years) and in the year 1987. J In the music department, has developed a Bachelor of Education Program (4 years), another major in music education.

The Art Department has opened an Art Education Program for students in the Diploma of Education program. And the Diploma Program in Higher Education to produce art teachers Until in 1977 Has added a major in graphic arts along with the development of the curriculum for design as per the needs of the profession, and later in the year 1989, the Department of Art improved the curriculum New Bachelor of Arts Consisting of the Communication Arts Design Program And the field of applied art design

Although in the year 2538 B.E., there was an Act to Consolidate Teacher Colleges nationwide "Rajabhat Institute" Department of Art, Department of Music and Department of Dramatic Arts (Including dance and drama programs) are still affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, but in 1999, the internal management structure was changed from "Department" to "Program", which is art Music program Dance program And programs in dance and drama

Phase 2 1999-present

Associate Professor Dr. Dilok Boonruangrod, President of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University At that time there was an idea to combine the outstanding art, music, dance and drama that exist in the Suan Sunandha fence. And strengthened In order to be one of the leading arts in the country, the Faculty of Fine Arts started the project in 1999, separating all art groups from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Later, the academic administration is divided into 3 programs, consisting of arts programs, music programs And the dance program (Overall, with dance and drama groups) as well as appointment Assistant Professor Dr. Kritsada Krutthong, Vice President for Special Affairs at that time Acting as Dean

In the year 2000 Associate Professor Padung Sirirat (Assistant Professor) at the time, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, made plans and policies for the establishment of the Faculty of Fine Arts. With the cooperation of Asst. Prof. Dr. Suchat Sutthi, Asst. Prof. Dr. Manot Kongkanan, Asst. Prof. Manit Phu Aree, jointly supporting and developing 4 new programs in the fine arts. Initially, the costume design program Communication Arts Program Craftsmanship Program and Painting Program By assigning the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs Associate Professor Jaruphan Supprung (at that time holding the position of Assistant Professor) was responsible for the development of new courses as instructed by Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. Opened in 2004 onwards, with a Bachelor of Arts degree. For the first time at Rajabhat University

The establishment of the Faculty of Fine Arts can be successfully accomplished. With great support and support from former chancellors and vice chancellors Including many other persons, such as Rector Klai Krajongwong, Rector, Assistant Professor Dr. Prang Sripanichayakul, Rector, Associate Professor Dr. Dilok Bunrueangrod, Vice Rector, Assistant Professor Dr. Worawit Chindapol, Vice President, Assistant Professor Dr. Winid Thuathong, etc. From the continuous operation on March 1, 2005, the Faculty of Fine Arts was announced. Hilton's Gazette is completed. The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts was officially established at Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University. And is the only faculty in all 41 Rajabhat Universities nationwide Appointed by the university council

In the years 2005 - 2009, Associate Professor Dr. Chomsai Kitkit Khan was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts.

In the year 2009 - present, Associate Professor Jaruphan Supprasong is the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

In the school building, Faculty of Fine Arts, Building 58 is